Re-opening sports and leisure facilities in Denmark

In Denmark, institutions are gradually reopening across the country with new openings as of 21 April 2021. To prevent the spread of Covid-19, the measures focus on a corona passport. The passport relies on three types of documentation: test (negative test within the last 72 hours), vaccination (two weeks after being fully vaccinated) or previous infection (positive test completed within the last 14-180 days).

Organized club and sports activities indoors in sports centres, fitness centres, climbing halls, ice rinks and pools are open for children and youth beneath the age of 18 years with a maximum participation of 25 people. They are also open for adults above 70 years (presenting a corona passport) with a maximum participation of 10 people.

Outdoor swimming facilities, public swimming pools etc. can stay open. However, it is not allowed to organise or attend events etc. with more than 50 participants gathered.

Outdoor training organised by public authorities, organisations, associations, businesses or cultural institutions are allowed if activities are performed in groups of no more than 50 people (including any volunteer coaches, parents etc.). Persons attending as employees, such as salaried coaches, are not included in the 50 people. If there are more groups of no more than 50 people present simultaneously at the same sports facility, it must be ensured that the distance between the groups is sufficient to prevent them from constituting one big group; they must be separate events. One way of achieving this is to divide the area into sections with a clear distance between the individual sections and allocate a separate, specific section to each group (separate events).

Professional football matches are allowed if played according to a special scheme under which audience are placed in sections with no more than 500 people with a distance of 1 metre between them and separate entrance and exit routes and separate audience service facilities. Face masks are also required except when the audience are seated, as are also COVID passports and the registration of all audience members to facilitate the tracking and tracing of outbreaks.

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photo: Unsplash Steve Smith