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featured in sb magazine 6/2022
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Rurbad in Düren

published in sb magazine 6/2022

Located near the river Rur, the Holzbendenpark is known as „Düren‘s hidden paradise“ and serves as an oasis of recreation for the town’s residents and visitors. As part of the town centre master plan, the municipality of Düren is redesigning this green space, inclusive of a new entrance to the park. KRIEGER Architekten | Ingenieure has designed the new Rurbad as a striking gateway at the newly created southern park entrance, offering something for everyone: maximum flexibility for schools and clubs, a wide range of swimming and course offerings for young and old, a sauna and wellness area as a refuge for those seeking peace and quiet, and a restaurant serving all indoor and outdoor areas.

Smooth planning process
The planning team consisting of KRIEGER Architekten | Ingenieure as the general planner and Pellikaan Bauunternehmen as the general contractor were happy to accept the challenge of creating contemporary architecture at this special location on the basis of the concept devised by PROVA and the Dürener Service Betrieb utility company.


Photo: Christopher Arnoldi, Altrich

Good to know


Photo: Christopher Arnoldi, Altrich

Düren, Germany

Client / operator
Dürener Service Betriebe

General contractor
Pellikaan Bauunternehmen

General planners and architects
KRIEGER Architekten | Ingenieure
DE – 42551 Velbert

Wellness facility
devine wellness-anlagenbau
AT – 6241 Radfeld

Ina Neuhaus
KRIEGER Architekten | Ingenieure

Christopher Arnoldi, Altrich

Official opening
July 2022

Construction costs
(without outside facilities)
EUR 20 million

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