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Three questions to Alexandra Czerner and Jürgen Göttsch

In the interview, the designers of the modernization of Ohlsdorf Family Pool let us know about the challenges which they encountered. And they talk about the swimming hall dominated by earthy tones and pebble colours.

Question: The existing indoor swimming pool dating back to 1972 in the south of the site had to stay in operation until the new pool went into operation. What effect did this constraint have on the process?

Bäderland recognised its responsibility to maintain ongoing swimming opportunities and courses in Ohlsdorf, above all for schools and clubs. Planning had to be subordinated to this overriding principle. In addition, part of the pool grounds had been sold off for housing purposes. The building plot thus shrank to a narrow window extending between the old swimming pool and the housing and behind the historic entrance building into the depths of the site – an ambitious task for designers and builders alike. To make matters worse, the soil and water conditions were problematic, so securing the old pool and the excavation pit in the context of limited accessibility was a real challenge, especially in terms of site logistics.

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Familienbad Ohlsdorf sb 6 2021_Portrait CzernerGöttsch

Alexandra Czerner, Jürgen Göttsch (from left to right)