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About IAKS Nordic
Network for planning, design, construction and management of sports and leisure facilities

About Us

IAKS Nordic is a non-profit association with the purpose of bringing together people, organisations, public authorities, institutions and companies interested in sports and leisure facilities.

IAKS Nordic is a forum where everyone involved in developing, operating and constructing sports and leisure facilities can meet and share their experience, knowledge and ideas.

IAKS Nordic organises events, seminars, networking and study trips.

IAKS Nordic was established in 2017. The regional area of IAKS Nordic is Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, Faroe Islands and Åland Island.

Architects, public planners, operators of sports and leisure facilities, municipalities, researchers, sports confederations, engineers, ministries of sports and culture and the industry are just examples of who will find the sharing of knowledge in IAKS Nordic interesting. Everyone is welcome to join as a member.

IAKS Nordic Strategic Plan:
IAKS Nordic President André Flatner introduces the Strategic Plan:

"On behalf of our excellent board, I am happy to present The IAKS Nordic Strategic Plan for 2023-2028. It sets out our direction of growth and actions for the next five years, motivating the board and administration to consecutive work in order to become the leading organisation within the sports and leisure facilities sector in the Nordic countries.

With this Strategic Plan, we give insights in where we are heading, but ultimately our members decide where to go. We do know that all of us taking part in this organisation have the same inspiration and motivation to provide necessary actions to reach our strategic objectives in the years to come."

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IAKS Nordic strategic plan 2023 - 2028

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A part of IAKS International

IAKS is the leading global non-profit organisation for professionals from the sports, leisure and recreation facilities industry. Since 1965, it enables internationAal networking for the exchange of planning, design and operational expertise.

IAKS hosts international congresses and seminars, study trips and facility tours.

Since 1967, IAKS publishes “sb”, the world’s foremost magazine for exemplary architecture, innovations, products and services from the fields of leisure centres, sports facilities, swimming pools and wellness, stadiums and arenas.

IAKS recognises exceptional accomplishment in facility operation and design through an internationally recognised exemplary design awards programme.

IAKS is an IOC Recognized Organization and cooperates with the IPC and other international non-profit bodies.

Find the website of IAKS International here.

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