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Our ambition
Sharing knowledge and ideas across the Nordic countries

IAKS Nordic to expand in 2023

The network was started on behalf of a existing network between sports facility organizations in the Nordic countries, which have existed for more than 50 years. Now we have to go further and expand to new members outside the historic established connections.

The network consists of approximately 43 members, where the majority comes from Sweden, Denmark and Norway in that order. In 2023 IAKS Nordic has the ambition to expand the number of members and to invite more members from the remaining Nordic countries.

Focus in 2023

In 2023 IAKS Nordic will have a special focus on the following themes, based on adopted strategy document 2023-2027:

  • Sustainability
  • Sport facilities that attracts nonexperienced participants
  • Universal design
  • Facilities for outdoor sports
  • Solutions that combine sport and health
  • Integration of sports facilities in city planning
Exploratorium Odense - athletes running up hill.jpg

photo credits: Rune Johansen


    Our mission statement

    We believe that active living is a fundamental human right and need that enriches the lives of people of different cultures, nations, languages and genders. Activity requires motivating and functional sports and leisure facilities.

    We are committed to championing for sustainable and high-quality indoor and outdoor sports and leisure facilities that are fully inclusive, universally accessible and socially relevant.

    We are the leading global non-profit organization for sports and leisure facilities and enable the exchange of planning, design, and operational expertise for professionals from our industry.

    We collaborate with international organizations to promote active and meaningful lifestyles and transform communities and urban areas into places of active living.

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