Webinar - Social sustainability and PP Partnership November 14th 2024


On November 14th, delve into the critical intersection of social sustainability and Public-Private partnerships, particularly within the realm of sports and leisure life facilities. These infrastructures hold a unique significance in the context of crafting well-functioning cities and local environments that provide diverse activities and spaces for all. They serve as catalysts for citizens to form, strengthen, and sustain bonds and relationships.

The crux of social significance and sustainability lies in the intricate interplay between the built environment, the activities offered within, the end users, and the operators or property owners. This synergy forms the foundation for these facilities and public spaces to function as vital local meeting points, becoming driving forces for community commitment and ownership.

The evolving landscape of social sustainability requires heightened attention to users and those who contribute to the vibrancy of these facilities. The social dimension is prominently manifested in the content provided and the role played by the property owner.


Detailed program and registration to come!

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