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Drainage system as a structural element

featured in sb magazine 4/2023
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Rachel de Queiroz park in Fortaleza


published in sb magazine 4/2023

Exercise begins in the early morning hours. Frequent users in gym gear choose to start the day with physical exertion. Walking, running, outdoor gym, biking, soccer and volleyball are just some of the options available. All this takes place on the shores of nine interconnected lagoons, the wetlands. The project developed by Architectus S/S has turned a ­formerly degraded area into a bustling, lively, pulsating public space.

Parque_Rachel_de_Queiroz Drainage system

Photo: Joana França

Rachel de Queiroz Drainage

Photo: Joana França

Occupying one of the city’s flooded preservation areas, the Rachel de Queiroz Park project adopted the drainage system as a structural element. Wetland management was used to improve the water quality of the Riacho Cachoeirinha stream, as well as to create a flood mitigation system. After intensive hydrological studies, nine interconnected ponds were proposed to perform natural water filtration by means of decanting and phytoremediation, a process performed by microorganisms fixed both on the surface of the soil and on the roots of aquatic plants in the ponds. In other words, in addition to its landscape potential, wetlands are a fundamental strategy for the environmental restoration of the area, without excluding the uses required by the local community.

Good to know

Rachel de Queiroz Drainage

Photo: Joana França

Fortaleza, Brazil

Client / operator 
Fortaleza City Hall

Architect & 
principal designer 

Architectus S/S

Janaina Rodrigues

Joana França

Official opening

Contruction costs
BRL 11.8 million
(EUR 2.3 million)

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