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Building resilient communities through sports and leisure facilities
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Climate change and ecological sustainability of sports and leisure facilities are currently receiving by far the most attention in the industry. The goal is the CO2 neutral sports and leisure facility. In order to increase activity levels in our societies, the awareness has risen that sports and leisure facilities have to serve everybody in our society. Join us at the 28th IAKS Congress and discuss ecological, economical, sustainable and health aspects and their impact on the design and operation of sports and leisure facilties.

The idea is to have multiple programme facilities such as community centres rather than single purpose facilities. Combining sportive and non-sportive municipal functions, such as ice areas, swimming pools, sports halls, libraries, child care centres, dance and exercise rooms, public meeting halls as well as outdoor play areas and courts – this is the key.

The trend for outdoor activities implies to connect indoor facilities with outdoor activities. How can indoor facilities create a connection to the outdoors? How can indoor facilities be the starting point or pitstop for outdoor activities?


Discover these and many more future-oriented topcis at the 28th IAKS Congress. Four days of learning and networking. Secure your day pass or season ticket now. Early bird until 31 August.

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