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Spatial experience with river, steppe and desert

featured in sb magazine 2/2024
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Smart Sports Park in Ordos

published in sb magazine 2/2024

PLAT ASIA was commissioned to redevelop an urban square, SHIJIE, in Ordos, China, into an all-people-friendly smart sports park to meet the need for a healthy lifestyle. The site layout reflects the multi-faceted Ordos landscape with desert, steppe and river. The lighting, shading and navigation systems are controlled with smart technology.

The original site is attractively located and well-served by city transport services. With its 19.7 hectares, the open-sided urban square featured few amenities. So the lack of a rational configuration, serviceable pedestrian path and sufficient service space resulted in an unattractive, inefficiently used urban green field in need of prompt redevelopment.


Ordos Spatial Experience

Photo: Holi Landscape Photography

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Ordos Spatial Experience

Photo: Holi Landscape Photography


Ordos, China 

Client / Operator 
KANGBASHI district Forestry
Greenery Service Center of Ordos


Construction costs
RMB 50 million (EUR 6.4 million)

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