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FIBA Venue Guide presented to world-leading architects

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The FIBA Venue Guide provides technical recommendations, best practice examples and inspiration to support the build and renovation of basketball venues to ensure that they are suitable for potential future hosting of competitions.

It also promotes the important elements of future-proof design and multifunctional use while maintaining a strong emphasis on the needs of basketball users.  It is designed to serve the wider basketball, sport and leisure community, including local authorities, architects, venue owners and operators.

The Venue Guide has been developed with the aim of being relevant and adaptable across each of FIBA's 212 National Federations since each basketball arena is unique to its location, resources and users, and therefore each project should be aligned with these aspects.

The publication was supported by the FIBA/IAKS Expert Circle Basketball, including IAKS members Brad Clark, Javier Davila, Harald Fux, Colleen McKenna, and Klaus Meinel.

On 25 October 2023, FIBA Equipment & Venue Centre Senior Associate Jasmine Long showcased the guidance at the IAKS Congress in Cologne, Germany.

Read more about the content of the FIBA Venue Guide and where to download.

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