New report „Safe places to swim” now available

IAKS member Royal Life Saving Australia, with the support of the National Aquatic Industry Committee, has launched two pivotal resources to increase community safety by strengthening the aquatic industry workforce and improving industry standards and practices.

The “National Aquatic Workforce Framework (Draft)” and the “Safe Places to Swim: The State of Safety at Australian Aquatic Facilities” report provide comprehensive insights and guidance to enhance safety and professionalism in aquatic environments across Australia.

Following RJ Houston, Royal Life Saving Australia General Manager - Capability & Industry, the launch of these resources marks a significant step forward in ongoing efforts to ensure a safer and more capable aquatic industry.

Safe Places to Swim: The State of Safety at Australian Aquatic Facilities report underscores the industry's significant role in Australian wellbeing while presenting key findings on safety performance, key initiatives, and trends that illustrate the industry's ongoing need for commitment to ensuring safety at aquatic facilities.

With statistics from 2023 showing six drowning deaths, 18 non-fatal drowning incidents, and over 7,800 rescues at Australian aquatic facilities, the report highlights the need for continued improvements in safety standards adherence. This includes measuring and benchmarking safety conformance by increasing the number of facilities that undergo routine safety assessments with Royal Life Saving, further professionalising staff training, and universally implementing child supervision programs.

Read more about the new industry resources and download the reports