The path for re-opening of sports facilities in England

The UK government’s roadmap to cautiously ease lockdown restrictions consists of four steps, and the second step came into play on Monday 12 April. A possible resource of inspiration for other countries, the roadmap informs public and sport providers on how to participate in grassroots sport and physical activity during COVID restrictions.

Sport England has compiled Frequently Asked Questions such as „Are indoor sports facilities allowed to open?“ (Yes. Indoor facilities are allowed to open for individual / household use only from Step 2.) The answers provided may inspire other countries in a similar situation by indicating possible solutions (Facilities should open in line with the government’s Sport Facility guidance, for example, the maximum occupancy of an indoor facility must allow a minimum of 9.3 m² per person). They’re intended to support professionals and amateurs in preparing to restart and to understand what the government guidance means.

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Summary of FAQs compiled by Sport England

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photo: Unsplash / Ryan Stone