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Pool conference and facility tour to Norway's FutureBuilt model project

International experts met at 2nd IAKS Pool Conference in Norway 7-8 September

More than 60 international experts from Austria, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and the UK converged for the 2nd IAKS Pool Conference which took place in Asker, Norway from 7-8 September. They discussed energy efficiency in pools, embodied carbon in pool buildings, the feasibility of a climate neutral pool, alternative air circulation concepts, and pool water quality.

The sustainability concepts of Holmen pool in Asker and the aquatic facility at Baerum Sports Park were presented at the conference, rounded up by the impressing facility tour of these two best practice examples. The delegates continued to exchange thoughts and ideas during the networking dinner.

2022 Asker Pool Conference (104) small
2022 Asker Pool Conference (91) small

How to reduce embodied carbon? Most experts agreed that in general, the aquatic facility industry is well on its way to apply all relevant technologies and methods for building and operating energy-efficient pools. They see a big potential to operate more sustainably by increasing visitor numbers. The more people use a facility, the smaller the operational carbon emissions per person.

FaulknerBrowns Partner Michael Hall summed up the different stages of embodied carbon reduction: Retrofit first, build less, build lean, build to last, build for reuse.

Presentations of the conference are available for participants and IAKS members. Ask the IAKS headquarter for your password to access.

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This is what people said

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"This was a great event to discuss holistic approaches to build and operate future indoor swimming pool facilities."

Prof. Dr-Ing. Wolfgang Uhl
Senior Specialist and Research Manager COWI and Aquateam COWI, Norway



"Thank you for an interesting program and thanks to all for visiting our Norwegian pools!"

Elisabeth Kolrud
Head of Sustainability, Asplan Viak, Norway

2022 Asker Pool Conference (38) small

"Very inspiring conference and facility tour!"

Jens Øyås Møller
Development Consultant , Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports Facilities, Denmark


"Learning about the challenges in the Norwegian market and further detail around two recent passivhaus standard facilities. This will be very useful to feed into, and grow, our own passivhaus knowledge with our ongoing work at Spelthorne."

Paul Reed
Associate Director GT3 Architects, UK